Local Area Information

Here we have some great itineraries for small trips to Cochamó, Chiloe and Pucon. 

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Chiloe in 5 days
Cochamó and Rio Puelo 

Whatever you do, do not miss Cochamó. It has some of the most spectacular scenery you will see on your trip. If you go make sure you for at least 3 days. Two days will not be enough to see the park

Day 1- Puerto Varas-Cochamó-La junta

There are two buses that leave Puerto Varas (San Bernado street bus stop) at 8am and 12pm that take you to the turn off to the park entrance (about 6kms from the park entrance). You can either walk this, hitch hike or get off the bus in cochamó and try to find a transfer.

The bus takes 2.5 hours and the walk from the park entrance to La Junta takes about 4.5 hours.

You cannot free camp in La Junta and to camp there you must register before you arrive.

Day 2- Explore La Junta

We reccommend the Arco Iris' trek (8.5 hours). It is very challenging, we would reccommend taking trekking poles for this trek and not to go alone as you could find yourself in a  dangerous situation. Don't be scared, just be cautious. Another great alternative is the 'Anfiteatro´(4 hours). 

Day 3- Return to Puerto Varas

Check on your way when the last bus will be as the times can vary on weekends vs weekdays. There is usually a bus at 4pm from the main road where you were dropped off. 

If you have an extra day consider a visit to the beautiful Rio Puelo.


In our opinion, the only way to see chiloe properly is to hire a car as the island isn't well serivced with buses. Here we have a rough itinerery which allows you to see the best parts of the island. We reccomend going through Varas Car Tours to get a good price.

Day 1- Puerto Varas-Ancud-Pinguineras

Restaurant recommendation: Kuranton (Ancud) (Get the Curanto!)

Day 2- Pinguineras-Castro- Cucao

Restaurant recommendation: Hostalomera

Day 3-4- Chiloe National Park

The  most popular hike is  Sendero Chanquín a 5-6 hour hike (one way) that finishes up at a rustic campsite near Cole-Cole.

Either spend a second night camping in the park or begin driving back towards Castro.

Day 5- Drive back to Puerto Varas

Drive the scenic route visiting these small towns to see some of the famous churches of Chiloe; Lemuy island, Chonchi, Dalcahue, San Juan, Tenaun and Quemchi.

To shorten this trip to 3 or 4 days skip the Pinguineras


3-5 days

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